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Basement Pros is a renovation company that strives for excellence on all of our projects.

To do this we know that it comes down to having the right individuals on our team, supporting these individuals as they work towards improving their craft, and collaborate together as we all work towards refining our product wherever areas for improvement can be found. Hiring, training, and working towards a healthy work/life balance for every member of our team have always been key facets of our company as it is the members of our team that make up the service that we deliver to homeowners in and around Winnipeg.

Every job description will vary based on any number of factors to ensure it is the right fit for the individual to ensure that everyone at Basement Pros is in a position to succeed. This being the case, getting in touch to talk over what you are looking for is the best way forward from here if you have an interest in working with an innovative team in renovations. 

Some of the key points that are applicable to the majority of our team members:

Monday - Thursday, 40 hours a week

Opportunity for Apprenticeship in Carpentry

Competitive wages


Company provided power tools and tool box

Requirements for employment:

Access to a vehicle every day

Basic personal tools

  • Tool pouch
  • hammer
  • basic PPE (safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves, etc.)
  • tape measure
  • utility knife
  • steel toes

We would love to hear from you no matter your experience level!


Maximum file size: 45MB